The Basics

Businesses, marketers and web designers are facing a challenge in building web sites and keeping them fresh and interesting: it’s difficult to source consistent, high quality content at a reasonable cost. We can commission multiple weekly posts on a variety of topics with consistent quality and a single point of contact. We assign the blogs to writers, propose topics and edit the posts. All you need to do is give us the basic parameters: word count range, keywords, corporate image guidelines, company information, etc.

Our writers have a variety of professional and academic backgrounds and we are American, British and Canadian. assigns writers to blogs based on industry, background, interests, location and preferred writing style.

Regularly Scheduled Blog Posts


  • 10¢ a word: US. (that’s $50 for a 500-word post)
  • 12¢ a word: CA, AU. (that’s $60 for a 500-word post)
  • 6p a word: UK (that’s £30 for a 500-word post)

To access these rates, you must-

  • Commit to at least eight posts, with topics approved in advance

This includes-

  • At least one royalty-free image with each blog post
  • Keywords/phrases seamlessly incorporated into posts
  • Separate writers and editors
  • Research based on your documents, outlines and suggestions, or done independently
  • Topics proposed and submitted for approval, or provided by you
  • Posts and pictures submitted as rtf and jpeg files by e-mail or through your collaboration software

Our articles are ghost written and suitable for social media exposure as well as SEO. You can provide topics and supporting information if and when you prefer. You get the final edit and fact check. We can work with your drafts, your photos and your other graphics, too. We can generally edit and improve your copy for half the cost of writing from scratch.

Please note that this does not include editorial revisions. We will happily correct any factual errors that slip through, but we ask that you make any minor editorial changes yourself as part of the approvals process. This will keep the blog posts moving forward smoothly. We welcome feedback that we can apply to future posts.

Smaller volumes of articles and shorter commitments: 16¢ or 8p/word

One-off and infrequent blog posts are more expensive because they typically require more research and they don’t provide regular, ongoing work.

Add 4¢ / 2p per word and we’ll post the blog entries onto your WordPress-based website, format them and schedule them so that you can check them before they go live.

Website Copywriting

20¢ a word: US, CA, AU. (That’s $40 for a 200 word description)
10p a word: UK (that’s £20 for a 200 word description)

This Includes-

  • Keywords/phrases seamlessly incorporated
  • Separate writers and editors
  • Research based on your documents, outlines and suggestions, or done independently, if necessary
  • Up to two sets of editorial revisions per page

Your page content is absolutely vital to your website’s success. It will be read over and over again; it won’t disappear into the blog archive after a month or two. It’s important to get it right, and that means we’ll need to work together. We’ll craft page content that strikes the right tone for your customers. Ask Dee about discounts on large orders and purely SEO-focused content.

Deidre Miller is principal. She currently lives in the UK, she’s from the US and she lived in Canada for seven years. To try out what has to offer, please e-mail Dee through the contact form.

If you’re a business owner or consultant interested in specialised articles, press releases, white papers or e-books, then please work through Quill and Compass.