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This is the blog for, and I think it’s safe to say that is up and running. We’ve got ten writers – more than that, really. I’ve got a(n Evernote) stack of e-mails and resumes from new prospects and a plan that I think will make us scalable while maintaining both quality and… morale? A personal touch? A positive, human-friendly work environment? We work as a team, and we have the ability to produce dependable, consistently high quality results for a reasonable cost. is putting the content into content marketing, but we aim to create blogs that do more than just that. We’ve got a diverse set of writers with a technical edge, and we want to write great blogs that will help your clients’ (or your) websites draw in and retain real customers, not just hits.

That said, it’s good to know that we’re driving large increases in web site traffic for our clients. In fact, I was thrilled to contribute to a recent blog post for our largest client, Melbourne’s StewArt Media. I’m quoting them here because, while this post certainly does a great job of marketing StewArt’s SEO services, is right there in the subtext. We did the content work that drove these impressive results.

A Content Strategy for the finance industry

Our plan was to create three ghost written articles per week for our new client and then link the articles using rich anchor text. …our content team*… proposed a number of weekly themes, each with three related blog posts. Each of these themes is inspired by one primary keyword… However, the articles are designed to be multipurpose. They are intelligently written to a professional standard and can engage customers as well as meeting the requirements for search engine optimisation…

from An Effective Content Strategy Equals Effective SEO, StewArt Blog

(* that’s us)

The strategy produced both immediate and long term results. StewArt’s graph is below. It’s easy to see when StewArt began work, and it’s easy to see their six-month results. You can even see a gap in traffic for a week or two when new blog posts were delayed because the strategy was being refined. Then, you can see the even greater results that were achieved afterward.

This is 100% a result of StewArt’s site overhaul and the content strategy put into place by Vandi, one of their account managers, and executed using content provided by If you’re an online marketing professional, are these the results you’d like to be seeing? If so, then ask to bring your content strategy to life.



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