US, UK, Canada, Australia?

If you’ve read the front page, then you may have noticed we have writers from the US, UK and Canada, and if you’ve clicked over to The Basics tab, then you know we’re marketing our services to SEO professionals and web designers throughout the English-speaking world. What’s the story? Is a huge multi-national corporation?

No. We’re a small agency with one principal and — presently — ten part-time writers. Four of the writers are US-based, four are in the UK and two are Canadian. Since we’ve got writers in three countries, we are certainly able to write for those markets. However, our largest client is presently an Australian web marketing/SEO firm.


Content For an International Market

Spoken English varies between countries, and it also varies within countries. If you’re a locally focused marketing firm looking for blog posts and page content that’s written in a regional dialect, then your best option is probably to go with local writers. However, if you’re aiming your services at a national or international market, then there’s a good chance you’ll like our work. We aim to create site copy and articles that are relaxed, grammatically correct, factual and casually authoritative. It’s a style that can work in any of the major English-speaking markets.

Why the MultiNational Target Market?

I’m the principal at, and the company grew out of my freelance work writing business blogs and website copy. I am a US citizen who lived in Canada for eight years; now I’ve been in the UK for almost five. I have developed an awareness of how the language varies from country to country, and of course, I’ve also made friends as I’ve moved from place to place. When my freelance work got to be too much for me to handle alone, I checked with my clients, then began hiring subcontractors. My first subs were friends of mine from places I’d lived, and that set the tone. I’ve continued to hire subs from throughout the English speaking world, with the quality of their work my foremost consideration: not just their writing, but their ability to understand our clients and their customers and write… well, the right thing.

What About Differences in Language?

Each large English speaking country uses the language a little differently. We have a company Wiki with national and regional terms laid out, our writers make sure their own dialects are represented, and when they find out something new by researching the correct term to use in a market that’s foreign to them, they add it in. Is the right word “tennis shoes,” “trainers,” “sneakers,” “athletic shoes” or “runners?” The WordJet dialect wiki knows. Of course, getting the spelling right means knowing how to change the country setting on the spell checker, and anyone who has tried doing that on MS Word knows it’s not as easy as it should be. That’s something else we know how to do. We have skills.

So, that’s what does. We write blog posts and site content for companies all over the world, in clear language that will fly pretty much anywhere. The rest depends on our clients’ specific needs. We’re writing 30 to 60 pieces a week now, and we could easily double that. If you’d like to have a team of bright, highly skilled international writers at your fingertips, then make part of your content marketing strategy. If you e-mail me through the contact form, I’d love to talk with you about content.

About Dee Miller

Dee Miller is founder and principal at, a copywriting agency that provides business blog posts and site content to clients in web design and marketing.